Anonymous: "would you talk to this person if she wanted to talk to yoou?"


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the first rule of truly living: do the thing you’re most afraid of.

get to know me meme → favorite relationships
↳ delena[3/5]

still can’t believe my best friend is getting married ❤ ❤ 

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trying to help online friends with homework

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my dad phoned to tell me that when I am living with him I am not allowed to have/eat bread in the house because “I am already too fat.”

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friends/mutuals from months ago are now on my blog

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Anonymous: "Rude message anon here.. lol. You don't need to post it, I just wanted you to know you have some support from people who don't personally know you or her. I know it was rude but man idk how you ever put up with being friends with her honestly"

it wasn’t that it was rude :P it’s that I’d get hate for posting a “rude” message

and actually, when we were friends, she was a great friend

she was always there to support me and I was always there to support her

we had a big sister/little sister thing going on :P

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tyler appreciation week | day 6

↳ Favorite quotes

requested by anon

anon, I just want you to know that I got your message

but I don’t want to post it, because it is quite..rude??

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like I am sorry?

I get that I shouldn’t have worded it the way I did…

but I just don’t act like this for no reason

I have reasons

and I know that it doesn’t give me the right to say things the way I said it

I apologize

08-28 / 11:40

okay I am going to go and post things on my sideblog,

message me if you want

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